Fitbit smart watches appeared on the press-renders

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The following Fitbit smartwatches appeared on the press-renders

Before the release of Pebble and Vector Watch, Fitbit bought two players in the smart watch market. And, although the following  Fitbit “smart” watches with the working title Project Higgs were supposed to appear in the second quarter, the company announced the transfer of their release for the fourth quarter. At the same time, the first photos of the novelty were seen back in May.

And today the story with the following smart watches Fitbit got a logical continuation due to the leak of press-renders of the novelty. Judging by them, the new smart clock will receive a rectangular or square screen and several options: a watch in a pink gold color case with a seawater strap and a silver case with a gray or possibly black strap.

The source, who provided the pictures, claims that they show the final design of the smart clock. And it is in this form they will appear on sale. At the same time, we see that the novelty has the same key layout as the Fitbit Blaze. And on the back there is an optical heart rate monitor.

New smart watches Fitbit will be allocated in the market by wider fitness possibilities. In doing so, they will receive their own software platform. However, the manufacturer promises to release an SDK, thanks to which developers can create for them third-party applications.