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Kids smartwatch – Gator Caref Watch PDF manuals

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Children beacon Gator Caref Watch

Caref Watch

Caref Watch

The miniature case of children’s watches Gator Caref Watch hides in itself remarkable features: it hid the GPS-module, microSIM card slot, speaker, microphone, and the front panel is occupied by OLED-display with a diagonal of 0.94 “.


By design, the brainchild of Gator differs little from the classic wristwatch for children. Because of this, children over the age of 10 consider the GPS beacon as too childish. But the functionality of the device is able to compete even with older smart-watches. To fully work the device will need to acquire a SIM card and install on the parent phone application Caref, available for download to owners of smartphones based on Android or iOS.


The gadget is configured through the above application. The first time you turn on the clock, you need to register and enter in their memory the phone numbers that will be dialed in case of emergency. Also there you can specify the permitted numbers for the possibility of receiving a call signal directly from the clock. In addition, the device is able to receive SMS-messages (including Cyrillic), the text of which is displayed on the screen.


The main function of the clock is to track the current location of the child (every 5 or 10 minutes, depending on the selected settings in the settings). When the “SOS” mode is activated, the GPS beacon sends the coordinates to the parent phone every 10 seconds. Within 5 minutes. The track of the movement of the child is recorded in the memory of the application and can be viewed for each separately selected date. More extensive functionality is revealed in the ability to establish the radii of safe zones (home, school, mugs, etc.), on the exit of which the clock automatically sends a notification to parents.


In addition, the application settings allow you to specify whether to disable the gadget or make a secret call to the clock for listening. With all the included functions, the built-in 350 mAh battery provides 1-2 days of full-time device operation. Its charging is carried out through the microUSB connector, and the complete cord is distinguished by the presence of a stylish LED backlight, which is very popular with the kids. We will add more protection from moisture according to the IP65 standard – and on the way out we get a useful accessory for children and their caring parents, which is not very attractive.

Additional features and capabilities of the wearable gadget Gator Caref Watch:

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