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Polar offers wrist heart rate monitor OH1 for $ 79.5

For sure, any visitor to sports halls paid attention to simulators produced by Polar, and serious sports fans appreciated and wearable devices of this company. However, many fans simply do not need multifunctional combines that cost a lot of money and require a long study. For training, such users will have enough and relatively simple heart rate monitor with basic functions. It is in this segment that the novelty of the famous company plays, which for a long time is associated with professional sports.

The model was named OH1 and the price is about 80 dollars. Of course, for such money, you can hang the whole arm with cheap bracelets like Mi Band 2 in which there is also a heart rate monitor. But if you compare it with analogues of the professional class, the price seems quite affordable.

The design of the device resembles a sports bandage, which is attached to the hand. At the heart of the device is the method of optical plethysmography, which is inferior in accuracy to electrocardiography and, consequently, is less “professional” than chest pulse monitors. Nevertheless for the class the device shows rather worthy results.

Built-in memory is enough to store data on the pulse for 200 hours of training. One battery charge is enough for 12 hours of work – it’s not even training, but a good coach change in the hall or a marathon with a good “before” and “after” allowance. The body of the device has moisture protection and can withstand pressures up to 3 atmospheres. Communicating with a mobile device via Bluetooth provides synchronization of data with the cloud or other sports services. The Polar Beat application collects data and processes it, and the Polar Flow service acts as a “virtual trainer” and provides valuable advice based on the analysis of the collected training data.

It is also worth noting an adjustable strap that allows you to fasten the heart rate monitor in the most convenient way – on the wrist, forearm or shoulder. The model is sold from the middle of September and is offered only in black color; whether there will be other colors is still unknown.