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PDF user’s manuals for Uwatch Smartwatch

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GT08 Smartwatch User Manual.docx 30.2kb Download
Uwatch 2 PDF User Manuals.pdf 971.4kb Download
Uwatch GT08 Smartwatch User Manual.pdf 623.5kb Download
UWatch U8 PDF User Manuals.pdf 144.5kb Download
Uwatch UBAO apk.apk 18.1Mb Download

UWatch GT-08

A new gadget called Smart Watch is becoming more popular among users of electronics. The device is very convenient to use, has many useful functions, almost replaces your smartphone, but takes up very little space and you can simply carry it on your hand. Smart Watch GT-08 is no exception to this list, but compared to other models, especially with Apple models, smart watches Gt08 are quite adequate money. For such opportunities, this is the most adequate price in the market.

UWatch Smart GT08 (Black)

UWatch Smart GT08 (Black)

In occasion of the design, the watch looks expensive and representative. Shapes and lines are repeated sensational Apple smart watch.

If you have not used a clever clock before, but this modal will suit you perfectly. A set of the most important functions is available. You can:

  • Connect your watch to your primary smartphone and manage it
  • To write in social networks, sms, to call or to communicate on skype with the Web-camera
  • Organizer, internet and other daily tasks

The Chinese smart watch model GT-08 is an absolutely new device in the market of portable electronics. Being stylized as the famous Apple Watch, it is a device that can boast at times more attractive and affordable value, but at the same time, it pleases with its impressive functionality.


A distinctive feature of the model lies in the ability to use them as a pair with your smartphone, and as a separate device, that is completely autonomous. This is made possible by the provided slot for the SIM card. Once installed, you can easily make calls, send SMS and MMS messages directly from your smartphone.




The device can boast a huge number of pluses. One of the most important among them is universality. The fact is that this is simultaneously a smart watch for Android, as well as a smart watch for iOS. Regardless of which smartphone you use on the basis of which operating system, you can easily and quickly connect to them the purchased GT-08.

Main advantages:

  • SIM card slot;
  • Built-in 0.3 MP camera, taking photos and video;
  • Fitness function (calorie counter, pedometer);
  • Qualitative IPS-display 1.54 inches with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels;
  • Bluetooth 3.0.

It is noteworthy that managing the clock is very easy and simple. Their touch screen is quite sensitive and instantly recognizes the user’s touch. As a screensaver, you can set on the clock screen any picture or photo or one of many different kinds of dials. And this is not to mention the huge number of applications that are released for the hours and are also available for download.