Atrix Smartwatch PDF user manuals

PDF manuals for Atrix Smart Watches

Hi! On This page, you can download PDF User Manuals for such Atrix smartwatches as: ATRiX Active D02, ATRiX Rhythm E02, ATRIX Dynamic TW-64, ATRiX Tempo E06, ATRIX Smart Watch E08.0, ATRIX Smart Watch E07, ATRIX Smart watch D03, ATRIX Smart watch D04, ATRIX Smart watch TW-66.

ATRiX ProFit Active D02 User Manual
ATRiX ProFit Dynamic TW-64
ATRiX ProFit Rhythm E02
ATRiX ProFit Tempo E06

The Atrix brand belongs to the same name, the Japanese company Atrix.

ATRIX Smart Watch E08.0
ATRIX Smart Watch E08.0

The company was founded in 1999.

Initially, the main activity was the production of small medical equipment: heart rate monitors, portable electrocardiographs, Bluetooth thermometers, and pendulums.

In 2014 the company expanded its range by adding tablet PCs and action cameras, and also began developing and manufacturing smart bracelets of the Profit series.

ATRIX Smart Watch E07
ATRIX Smart Watch E07

The range of Profit includes four models of bracelets: Active D02, Rhythm E02, Dynamic TW-64, Tempo E06.

All Atrix Profit models are compatible with smartphones running on iOS 7+ and Android 4.3+.

ATRiX Tempo E06
ATRiX Tempo E06

To get started, simply install a QR code reader (such as QRReader or similar …) from the marketplace into your smartphone or tablet, and scan the code in the instructions that correspond to the model and OS of your device.

One of the main criteria for Atrix Profit bracelets is the affordable price.

ATRIX Smart watch TW-66
ATRIX Smart watch TW-66

Atrix bracelets have an official guarantee from the manufacturer for 1 year.

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