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Casio WSD-F20 application

Casio WSD-F20 and the application for swimming Smart series WSD-F20 continues to improve. Only not in the physical plane, but in more software. After supporting professional golfing applications and surfing enthusiasm, Casio decided to focus on swimming. We really liked this news, because the swimming is more “true to our realities”, and not some kind of aristocratic golf… Read More »

Smartwatches for Windows Phone: the best options

The best Smartwatches for Windows Phone The Windows operating system is well known around the world. Her mobile version of Windows Phone, too, was not bad, although it remained in the shadow of such giants as Android and iOS. One of the downsides of Windows Phone is that it’s hard to find compatible smart watches. Manufacturers seem to… Read More »

Best Smart Watches for iPhone 7

Best Smart Watches for iPhone 7 There are so many worthy competitors that it is rather difficult to find the perfect “smart watch”, but you can narrow down the search by focusing on the interests of iPhone owners.

The most common problems of Apple Watch

The most common problems of Apple Watch As with any technique, Apple Watch broken, beat and break down. All this, of course, rests on money, but over time, service centers have managed to reduce the cost of repairing the watch, so now Apple Watch is cheaper to repair than buy new ones (especially if you are unlucky to… Read More »

SmartWatches for iPhone reviews

SmartWatches for iPhone reviews In 2015, Apple introduced its first smart watch. Undoubtedly, many users took them positively. In the second generation (Series 2), GPS appeared, water resistance and autonomy were improved. Thanks to this, Apple has strengthened its position in the market of wrist devices. However, whatever OS you use (iOS, Android, or even Windows), you decided… Read More »

Top smart watches with the most accurate heart rate monitor

Top sport smart watches with heart rate monitor and pedometer Smart watches have revived the watch market, offering users a whole range of new and useful features. One such function is a heart rate monitor, or heart rate monitor. We researched the market and made a rating of smart watches with heart rate sensors that provide the most… Read More »

How to change the dial on smart watches Android Wear – instruction

Setting the dial on Android Wear – instruction In 2017, smart watches are as integral to a modern person as a smartphone. Naturally, developers try to anticipate the desires of users and provide maximum opportunities for personalizing the interface, including the clock face settings (also watch face or the main screen). SmartWatch manufacturers on Android Wear offer a… Read More »