Brigmton Smartwatch PDF User Manual

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Brigmton Smartwatch PDF User Manual

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BRIGMTON was founded in the 1980s with the mission of supplying the Spanish consumer electronics market. Since its inception, the company has taken into account the needs of consumers, focusing all its efforts on improving the quality of life of its users.

Initially, two aspects were established, on the one hand, the electronics of the house, and on the other – the sound of the car, becoming one of the main distributors of alarm signals for a car in the Spanish market.

During this period, BRIGMTON constantly maintained its products, starting with the appearance of the first cassette players, CDs, professional and home microphones, televisions, music equipment, air conditioning equipment, smart watches etc.

The dizzying evolution of the consumer electronics market has led to the emergence of new needs from consumers. BRIGMTON during this process remained true to its beliefs, presenting a wide range of products of unsurpassed quality.

Brigmton BWATCH-BT2N 1.44 “44g Black Smart Watch – Smart Watches (Rectangular, Black, Black, Micro-USB)

Brigmton BWATCH-BT2N PDF User Manual

Brigmton BWATCH-BT2N

Brand: Brigmton Model: BWATCH-BT2N Features: – Bluetooth Watch – 1.44 “Capacitive Touchscreen – 128×128 Resolution – CPU: MTK6260-ARM7 360MHz – G-sensor – Bluetooth 3.0 – Android compatible – Built-in speakerphone and microphone – free – Notification and reception SMS – Reception notifications – Pedometer, Barometer, Altimeter – Sleep monitor – Remote camera trigger – Music player – 230 mAh rechargeable battery – Battery life up to 100 hours – Battery talk time 3 hours – Micro USB port – Weight: 44 gr Date Reviewed 13-07-2015 by MSB