Belsis PDF User Manual

Belsis TS1201 PDF User Manual, Firmware and Instruction


Like many other fitness trackers, the TS1201 model shows the time, registers the number of steps passed in a day, tracks the distance traveled, counts the calories consumed for this, and records the hours of sleep. For these important indicators, you can easily observe your sports training, and you can set a certain goal in advance and see if it will be performed every day.

Firmware and Instruction

belsis ts1201
belsis ts1201
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Belsis TS1201 – Firmware Update For Tracker.rar 24.9Mb Download
Instruction to update the tracker.docx 235.8kb Download



  • Common parameters:
  • Type: Fitness Bracelet
  • Model: Belsis TS1201
  • Black color
  • Purpose: for running, for fitness
  • Compatibility: iOS 6.0 and higher, Android OS 4.3 and newer
  • Type of screen: LED, OLED
  • Diagonal: 0.91 “
  • Material: plastic
  • Water resistant: yes, IP66
  • Strap: silicone, adjustable
  • Sensors: accelerometer, stopwatch, timer
  • Communication and switching: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Functions: measuring the distance traveled and distance traveled, tracking the phases of sleep, counting the number of calories consumed, notifications, hours
  • Power and charging: Li-Ion, 60 mAh
  • Duration of work: 96 hours
  • Charging time: 2h
  • Features: vibration mode for reminders, protection class – IP66.
  • Dimensions:
  • Width 16.6 mm, length 52 mm thickness 10.7 mm, weight 25 g

Useful information

How to adjust the time and reset the results

What is it all for?

I found a way to set the time and reset the reading without connecting to the smartphone.

It is useful when the clock for some reason does not connect to the smartphone or is tied to another account!


To reset the data and set the time, you need:

  1. Download the firmware (in the topic header)
  2. Correctly to install the driver
  3. To reach the moment of the firmware, when the program “lag” and on the clock screen there will be “updating”
  4. Restart the firmware program and reconnect the clock to the PC
  5. In the program window, click “Reset” and wait, it (the program) will tell you about the successful software update
  6. On the clock, everything will be reset to “zero” (even the time with the date)
  7. Close the program and turn off the clock from Pc
  8. Connect on new and start the program
  9. In the program window click “updating” (it again lags)
  10. Disable clock and close the program
  11. Connect the clock and start the program
  12. Click “updating”

After that time should be adjusted as it should, and the testimony of steps and other things will be reset.

ATTENTION! The correct date and time must be set on your PC!

Good advice:

In order not to reset the results every time, especially if you do not need to count the steps and kilometers, and use it only at a certain time, then turn on the sleep mode (long press the control button). When you want to use these functions – just get out of sleep in the same way.

Software Update

Firmware for these watches. Taken from the official website.

Solves, in some cases, the problem of synchronization with the smartphone.


The instruction is in the archive.

Important! One thing is that when the drivers are installed and the “update” program is clicked, nothing happens, the “updating” sign hangs on the clock. In this case, you need to restart the firmware program, connect the clock to the PC and connect it again. After that, everything should be earned.