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Withings smartwatch PDF User Manuals

Withings smartwatch PDF user manual

Withings PDF manuals

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Review of hybrid smart watches Withings Steel HR

Withings has updated the line of its hybrid smart watches with the new model Withings Steel HR. The main difference between the pair of predecessors Withings Activite Steel, Activite Pop and the new Steel HR watches was the addition of a heart rate monitor. To learn more about them, we offer you a brief overview of the new hybrid Withings watch.

hybrid smartwatch Withings Steel HR

Despite the fact that the exterior of Steel HR does not differ from previous versions, they are even smarter, offering on their classic analog dial a small digital screen that serves to transfer information about incoming calls, messages, calendar notifications and social networks. You will not see detailed information, but will be aware of who sent the SMS and whether it is necessary for full reading in the smartphone.

The Steel HR casing is made of stainless steel with a round mineral glass above the dial and has a rather low weight – only 49 grams. Soft silicone bracelet is pleasant to the touch and is conveniently attached to the wrist, which is important during exercise.


The Steel HR button for viewing information A single physical button is located on the clock, which controls a tiny monochrome round OLED display located just under 12 o’clock. Pressing the button allows you to scroll through information including date, time, reminders, notifications and battery life, as well as activity data such as pulse, steps and calories. Each screen of the mini-display can be configured in the Withings application.

Right under the OLED display, over 6 hours, there is another circle of the same size that acts as an analog dial, representing the percentage of progress of your daily activities. His only arrow moves in a circle during the day when you exercise, and shows how much you have advanced to meet your daily goals.

Withings Steel HR have two versions – 36 mm and 40 mm, which makes them universal for both women and men. Also there are options for choosing the dial color – black and white. It should be noted that on the white dial a small digital display looks more contrast, therefore, it is already a matter of taste and style.

Withings Steel HR 1

Fitness Tracker Functions

Withings Steel HR is a true evolution from a sports bracelet to a device that looks like a classic watch, but at the same time it controls health, counts steps, monitors the heart rate at rest and sleep quality. The optical heart rate monitor measures the heart rate every 10 minutes.

Withings Steel HR 2

There is also an option for continuous heart rate mode, which you can turn on by holding the button until the clock starts to vibrate. This mode is great for training, because it measures the heart rate every second.

A similar feature is in the smart watch Apple Watch, but there the recognition of the activity is automatic. Here, automatic recognition comes into play when you synchronize data in the Withings application. The clock can recognize simple exercises such as running, walking and swimming.

Withings Steel HR 3

User Reviews

According to estimates and feedback from users who have already used the Steel HR heart rate monitor, during intensive physical exercises, the heart rate monitor was quite contradictory, compared to, for example, more accurate data from Apple Watch or Fitbit Charge 2. Also, Steel HR were mistaken when they took a training session gym for swimming.

But the calculation of steps and distance according to the same smart watch Apple Watch is accurate enough. In addition, Steel HR, when tracking sleep, distinguishes light sleep from deep sleep and can recognize the time of waking up when you move in bed at night.

Watches have a level of protection from water 5 ATM (50 m), so you can wear them all day and all night without taking off, and also swim in the pool, not being afraid that they will get water while washing dishes.

Battery of Withings Steel HR

The great advantage of Withings Steel HR is the battery life, which gives you a long battery life of up to 25 days. In any case, other fitness trackers with displays and heart rate sensors need to be charged at least every five days, if not daily. For example, Apple Watch has to be charged every night, and even if they stretch their work up to two days, you’ll have to turn on the Power Reserve mode, so they stretch out a little more on the last 10 percent.

According to the company, these 25 days of work can be extended to 20 in the “energy-saving” mode, while the clocks will continue to monitor activity, but will restrict access to other functions.

Withings Steel HR 4

The only inconvenience to the user causes a way of charging the watch. It is known that the USB cable allows you to charge devices directly from the laptop or the network, but not in the case of Steel HR, which use an inductive plate, on which it is very difficult to correctly place the watch the first time.


Withings Steel HR combine style, comfort and features of a fitness tracker. If you like classical watches that are able to control sleep and physical activity without additional devices, these hybrid smart watches are just for you.