Apple Watch PDF User Manual

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Apple Watch  User Manual

Apple Watch – wristwatch with additional functionality (smart clock), created by Apple and presented September 9, 2014. For their full work requires a smartphone family of iPhone 5 or newer.

Original watches Apple Watch are divided into three types:

  • Apple Watch with Sapphire Crystal
  • Apple Watch Sport (body made of gray or silver anodized aluminum, with Ion-X glass)
  • Apple Watch Edition (body design with gold)

The second generation of the Apple Watch Series 2 was introduced in September 2016.

Apple Smartwatch PDF Manuals

Apple Watch PDF Manual

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The clock display (two options: 1.32-inch in 38-mm model (272 × 340 pixels, 326 ppi) or 1.5-inch in 42-mm version (312 × 390, 326 ppi)) OLED-type, protected Sapphire crystal, is able to distinguish between pressing and touching. Sensitive to the force of pressing (technology Force Touch).

Controls: The watch is equipped with a circular wheel Digital Crown on the side face and an elongated rocker button below it. The wheel is used for scrolling or zooming in; Clicking on it allows you to return to the home screen. The rocking-button serves for calling 12 selected subscribers, who can call or send a message (if the right person is not there, you can go to the second method of searching it – in the phone book, rotating Digital Crown).

On the left side – slots of the speaker and microphone. Photodiodes for pulse measurement can be located on the underside of the clock. For the vibration is responsible drive linear movement of the Taptic Engine, its impact (on receipt of notices, etc.) is similar to an easy tapping on the wrist.

The clock does not have connectors, the battery is recharged (capacity 205 mAh) using an inductive adapter with magnetic clamps. It is recommended to charge the watch every day, full charging lasts about two hours; The battery will lose no more than 20% of the original capacity per 1000 recharge cycles. In one of the grooves there is a technological port, covered with a plug (its purpose is not yet known – it is assumed that this connector is for accelerated charging, which can be used later).

In Apple Watch there is no usual PCB, instead of it is used the so-called “system-in-the-box” (SiP, System in Package) Apple S1 (all the elements necessary for the work of the watch are packed in a small metal “box”, the processor, the chip RAM, chip NAND flash memory, sensors). In the clock built-in storage capacity of 8 GB, of which the user is available slightly more than 6 GB.

No cameras, but the device can be used as a remote viewfinder iPhone. Own GPS-receiver for the original series of watches is not (added in Series 2), they use the navigation resources of the phone, communicating with it via Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11b / g.
The watches have an NFC interface and allow you to make contactless payment using the Apple Pay system.
There is a gyroscope and an accelerometer.

According to the specifications, the watch conforms to the IPX7 standard and is capable of withstanding a 30-minute immersion in water up to a depth of one meter.

The operating system watchOS has an interface reminiscent of that in iOS, but with round icons.


The Apple Watch display is turned off while you are not looking at it. As soon as you turn your hand to your eyes, the screen is activated (unlike some Android-based models, the Apple device will immediately go back to standby mode as soon as you turn your hand off the clock). If you want to immediately “put out” the display, just cover it with the palm of your hand.

Dialing SMS – using voice dictation (Russian is recognized), the normal keyboard does not fit on a small screen. You can use a ready-made template.

Built-in fitness tracker (analog Fitbit) – pulse measurement, counting steps and calories. Taptic Engine allows you to send to other owners of hours from Apple a set of “touches” or your heartbeat.

Assistant Siri (called by pressing and holding the wheel).

Mail client with limited functionality (the text of some letters it shows completely, and when you try to read others it advises to open the iPhone and run the corresponding application there). You can not reply to a message using a clock, you can only delete it, mark it as unread, or check the box.

PDF manual for Apple Watch

There is no browser in Apple Watch, dialer too.

In Apple Watch, you can “pour” up to 2 GB of music. Apple Watch is not intended for gaming use.

In January 2015, a number of companies, including TapSense and InMarket, announced plans to launch hyper-local advertising watches on displays.

When you turn on the clock immediately asked to join their “relative”, the phone iPhone – are asked to bring the camera smartphone to the image on the screen Apple Watch. Then, all applications installed on the iPhone and adapted for the clock are transferred to the device. Connection of two devices is via Bluetooth. In addition, Apple Watch can communicate via Wi-Fi if both devices are connected to the same wireless network.