Casio EQB-500D-1A with bluetooth connection

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Casio EQB-500D-1A with Bluetooth connection

To date, it turns out that all sorts of self-respecting watches, with whatever function, simply can not but have the function of Bluetooth. And here again it is worth remembering that the first time in the field of creating watches with wireless synchronization with mobile devices was the Japanese watch brand CASIO. Moreover, this watch brand continues to develop intensively in this direction. And now she was pleased fans of F1 regular premium model Edifice. Especially since the occasion was outlined the right one – the first Russian stage of the grand prix of Formula 1. And, of course, this new model in the sport racing style – EQB-500D-1A has the mentioned wireless technology.

Corresponding to the name of the Edifice collection – “construction”, “doctrine”, the EQB-500D-1A body is impeccably stylistically designed in the spirit of this line and is characterized by an even greater saturation of lines and design elements. As befits a respectable watch, the body design consists of three parts: a bezel, the middle part is the body itself and a molded back cover fastened with 4 screws. The material is traditionally chosen 316L stainless steel, the surface of the case with alternating polishing and matte treatment – satin. Despite the abundance of “chopped shapes”, the smooth bending of the bracelet fasteners favors the comfort of using these new Edifice Bluetooth even on a thin wrist. Moreover, the new watch distinguishes its impressive weight and solid dimensions – almost 200 grams and 50 mm along the line of the transfer crown, taking into account this. The thickness of the case is 15 mm, the “clean” diameter is 45 mm, the height of the body is 52 mm.

Casio EQB-500D-1A with bluetooth connection

The use of Alpha GEL® was simply a prerequisite for modern and reliable Edifice Premium Collection watches. Like the shock-resistant G-Shock watch, the body design with an interlayer of this innovative material protects the EQB-500 from shock and vibration, which is very useful in this world of high speeds and fast acceleration. Water resistance can also be called traditional for modern watches in a sports style – 100 meters.

Casio EQB-500D-1A with bluetooth connection 2

In CASIO EQB-500D-1A, as in the completely black model with IP coating EQB-500DC-1A, mineral glass is installed, and in the special series with the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Limited Edition logo, the glass is already sapphire. The dial protected by this glass emphasizes the level of these watches and in no small measure serves to create such an impression. The volume and solidity – this is what first comes to mind when looking at the dial EQB-500D-1A. The gray lacquered surface is underlined by the surround edging of the indicators with a relief concentric pattern. The volume hourly indices are built into the inclined outer plane of the dial and add a sense of three-dimensionality. Contrasting nickel plated indexes add to the dial the readability and simplicity of perception – all the indicators are clearly distinguishable. The wristwatch of Edifice Bluetooth does not have an electric light.

Casio EQB-500D-1A with bluetooth connection 3


With the restrained design of the “dark knight”, the contrasts of the green lime color seem to contrast with the elements that are associated with the implementation of the main function in the CASIO EQB-500 clock – the possibility of synchronizing via the Bluetooth wireless channel with APPLE iPhone and smartphones running Android. The “main” function button at the “8 o’clock” mark, which activates the synchronization process with the smartphone, has an edging with ionic spraying of green lime color and engraving with the designation of this type of connection.

Casio EQB-500D-1A with bluetooth connection 4

Let’s not forget that the main source of inspiration for today’s premium collection is the world of high speed Formula 1. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main “title” function in the CASIO EQB-500, which is fully realized precisely due to synchronization with the smartphone, result of your favorite racer, whether it’s Xabi Alonso or say Sebastian Vettel. On the retrograde indicator, about the “5-hour” mark will reflect its average speed of passing the distance. To do this, using the CASIO WATCH + application for iOS and Android and synchronizing the smartphone with the Edifice Bluetooth clock, you need to specify the length of the route by selecting it in the application among information about all world F1 stages. Unfortunately, for the time being there is no information on the track of the Russian stage in Sochi, as well as a fully-developed application CASIO WATCH + for Android, which was promised to be released in December this year.

Casio EQB-500D-1A with bluetooth connection 5

In addition to this main “formative” purpose, from the Bluetooth-connection and synchronization with smartphones in the model EQB-500 there are also purely practical, daily benefits and convenience. For example, a new watch will warn you of a new e-mail, using the arrow and the retrograde indicator in the “4 o’clock” area. When the arrow points to the green “point” – a new letter is received, if – to “empty”, then there are no new messages. Thanks to the function of Phone Finder, the new clock will help you find the lost smartphone. The only inconvenience is the loudness of the signal, it is installed by the manufacturer and is not “quiet”. In addition, using the application CASIO WATCH + in the smartphone you can set the alarm time.

Casio EQB-500D-1A with bluetooth connection 6

In general, the basic number of functions of EQB-500D-1A watches is adjusted both by buttons, and by means of a smartphone. So the time of the second time zone can be set with the help of a conversion crown, but the world time function is fully accessible thanks to the mobile application. In the smartphone, you can choose one of 300 cities, whose time will be displayed as your current location. Simultaneous display of time in two time zones will be in demand among travelers. Moreover, the indication of local and domestic time can be changed in places – from the central arrows to the display in the “9 o’clock” area and back, the time zones will automatically be interchanged with correct arrows.

Casio EQB-500D-1A with bluetooth connection 7


Responsible for all this variety of functions, the quartz movement, module 5419, operates on light energy using the Tough Solar technology, the CTL1616 battery. Module 5419 is equipped with a 2-level power saving function, if there is insufficient battery power, the movement of some hands stops, and the Bluetooth connection and alarm are disconnected.

Casio EQB-500D-1A with bluetooth connection 8

Summarizing, we can say that CASIO Edifice Bluetooth EQB-500, which by the way is already available for purchase, fully reflect the spirit and values ​​of this Japanese watch brand and for the first time in the history combine a traditional respectable design with the current ability to synchronize with a smartphone, friend. This multifunctional watch is still simple to manage, whose design will be a worthy addition to clothes in a respectable business style or a quality and thoughtful free image. Especially since the new Edifice Bluetooth is presented in three versions at once: steel EQB-500D-1A, EQB-500DC-1A with black IP-cover and designed for real Formula Fans and Edifice Infiniti Red Bull Racing team, EQB-500RBK -1A with a concentrated auto-racing design and sapphire crystal. So the spread of prices comparable to the cost of last year’s iPhone model does not seem too high.

Casio EQB-500D-1A with bluetooth connection 9