How to change the dial on smart watches Android Wear – instruction

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Setting the dial on Android Wear – instruction

In 2017, smart watches are as integral to a modern person as a smartphone. Naturally, developers try to anticipate the desires of users and provide maximum opportunities for personalizing the interface, including the clock face settings (also watch face or the main screen).

SmartWatch manufacturers on Android Wear offer a variety of different models. In this case, each of them can be made unique, if you change the dial. This is a completely free feature that appeared from the earliest versions of AW. You can change the Wear dial either through the application on the phone or directly on the watch. More on this further.

In smart hours with Android Wear, you can change the dial in full accordance with your needs. Starting with Wear 2.0, you can change the style of the dial and add widgets to it directly through the settings on the smart clock.

Change background on Android Wear

Instructions for watches with Wear 2.0 and newer:

  • Enable the smart screen if it is dimmed
  • Scroll the clock screen to view available styles
  • Swipe on the screen to the right and click the “More clock faces” button to see more styles
  • Click on the dial you like to install it.
  • The instruction for smart hours with Wear 1.5 and older:
  • Turn on the screen if it is dark
  • Pinch the screen to see a list of available dials
  • Scroll to scroll through the list.
  • Click on the dial you like to select it.

Instructions for changing the dial of Android Wear via phone:

  • Find your smartphone Android Wear app on your phone and go to it
  • Under the clock icon, click the “More” button
  • Look and choose the type you like.

How to add a new dial to the smart hours of Android Wear

Instructions for version Wear 2.0 and newer:

  • On smart hours, open the Play Store
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap the item “Dials” or search through the search to find the appropriate dial.

Instructions for the version of Wear 1.5 and older:

  • On your phone, visit the Android Wear smart watch app
  • Click the “More” button
  • At the very bottom of the screen, click on “More dials”.

How to customize the dial interface on a smart clock

Instructions for version Wear 2.0 and newer:

  • Turn on the clock screen if it is dark
  • Tap and hold the screen to enter the settings
  • Select “Data” to configure additional dial data, such as battery power, sports tasks, etc. You can see the design options by flipping the screen horizontally
  • Select “Styles” to adjust the style and color of the dial. Flip the screen in different directions to see the available options
  • Click on the appropriate dial to save it.