Huawei Watch 2 – review of the pros and cons of smart watches

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Huawei Watch 2 – review of the pros and cons of smart watches

In this article, let’s talk about the new smart watch Huawei Watch 2. What is a novelty – a real improvement to the original Huawei Watch or a step back? We will weigh all the pros and cons, and also answer the main question, whether to buy Huawei Watch 2 in 2017.


Huawei Watch 2

Many users liked the design of the past original Huawei Watch. Indeed, it is still one of the most attractive smart watches in the electronics market. Huawei Watch 2 did not inherit the design, but got a new one. The new model no longer has a golden or silver configuration, instead a unified design is proposed in the predominantly dark colors of the case (an exception is the bright orange sports model). As for the sports version, it generally looks “too sporty”. Personally, we in Galagram believe that the first Huawei Watch have a more attractive design than their update.

On the side of the device are two buttons – the top button opens the menu with applications or the Google assistant, and the lower customizable key by default starts tracking your workout. In general, the case of smart watches Huawei very much resembles a sports watch Casio.

Another significant point in the design, which really does not like it, is the lack of an additional method of navigation. The screen has good quality and excellent sensor according to the manufacturer, but the clock does not have enough ring around the display. This we saw in the review No.1 G3 +, the rotating bezel helps navigation and it is intuitively more user-friendly.

But the strap made for silicone in the sports version, looks too cheap, as for this premium gadget. This is one of those things in Huawei Watch 2, which makes you think that you overpaid for the device. The only solution is that this strap can be replaced with any other standard 18mm solution. Perhaps fans of sports smart watches, such a solution will seem more attractive, but we put a “minus” of Huawei Watch 2 for the design and materials of the strap.


Huawei watch 2 classic

As stated in the presentation, the 1.2-inch AMOLED display in Huawei Watch 2 has a resolution of 390 × 390 pixels, good viewing angles and a margin of brightness. Yes, and using the AMOLED screen (in contrast to IPS), helps significantly extend the battery life of these watches. The screen supports the ability to be constantly active, and also has removable dials. You can activate the display by raising your hand up or touching it with a gesture. To the display we have no complaints, with it everything is fine, quality and functions on the level.

Hardware platform

Huawei Watch 2

The heart of the Huawei Watch 2 was the Snapdragon Wear 2100 system-on-chip bundled with 768 MB of RAM. To download music, only 4 GB of flash memory is available without the possibility of expansion. Among the sensors there are all popular sensors for various applications, including NFC, GPS, Bluetooth and an optical heart rate sensor.

The NFC module can be used to work with the Android Pay payment system, it is both convenient and useful, it is definitely a plus. You can pay for purchases with one hand, but be careful that your attackers do not use your watch.

Operating system

Here and there is nothing to think, watches Huawei Watch 2 work on the basis of the most modern platform Google Android Wear 2.0. Much of what we did not like in the previous interface of Android Wear, in the update has been changed for the better, this applies primarily to notifications. Messages are no longer displayed in the form of cards (as on smartphones), now each notification is displayed on its own screen, which can be deployed and scrolled with gestures. This interface is convenient, it is really adapted for hours, cards – it’s still a more mobile interface. For all the charms of Android Wear 2, Galagram also puts a “plus”.

Sporting functions

Huawei Watch 2

Fitness features of Huawei Watch 2 are quite wide, especially for active users and sports fans. There is the possibility of GPS tracking of your movements on Google maps, so you can run along long routes and change your indicators at the same time. Also, the GPS function will appeal to tourists, such a small navigator you have right on your hand. To avoid overworking in training, you can use the built-in optical heart rate monitor. It will save your heart’s health and prevent it from working to wear. Watch Huawei Watch 2 like those who have few functions of a normal fitness bracelet.


Huawei Watch 2

The clock really liked its hardware platform Snapdragon Wear 2100, AMOLED display and firmware Android Wear 2.0. Sports and navigation features in Huawei Watch is also in order. Alas, the novelty design can not be called a revolution in comparison with the original Huawei Watch, it is rather a compromise. The watch will suit those who like sports accessories. If you want top-end smart watches, but at the same time that they can be dressed as a suit – your choice of Huawei Watch of the first generation. And do not look at the fact that they are already 1.5 years old, for this model is available update Android Wear 2.0.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pros  Cons
AMOLED display Cheap sports strap
Platform Snapdragon Wear 2100 General appearance
OS Android Wear 2.0 Cost as a smartphone
Sports features No rotating ring