Lifetrak – an accurate heart rate monitor that does not need to be constantly recharged

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Lifetrak C400 – an accurate heart rate monitor

The Lifetrak heart rate monitor will help you control heart rate changes, count steps and calories, and they also run on batteries, so they do not require recharging.

Lifetrak is an amazing company. Despite all her dignity, she never behaved aggressively in the market. Yes, on account of the brand owner, Salutron, and projects for NASA in the integrated company Linea Research, and cooperation with the largest equipment suppliers for gyms together with Precor and Startrac, and a collaboration with New Balance. But until now the company’s fame needs to be explained and proved.

A sad past of Lifetrak C400

As the legend says, confirmed by some interviews, the head of the company lost a friend because of heart disease and at the same time vowed to do his best to give people the opportunity to control heart rate in a simple and affordable way.

This was the way to become a line of gadgets Lifetrak. And in their niche cardio-hours they probably do not have competitors for price, quality and accuracy.

How the Lifetrak C400 works

The C400 draws attention to itself. It came to replace a couple of hours (C300 and C320) and got the ability to synchronize with a smartphone, which was not in the youngest version.

Lifetrak - an accurate heart rate monitor that does not need to be constantly recharged

Lifetrak C400

The design of the model provides quick access to the measurement of the pulse: the button that starts the measurement is located on the front side of the case and is very noticeable. To start the measurement, you need to press and hold the button, if possible, without touching the skin.


Lifetrak is a spent heart rate monitor, something like an ECG with a single lead: to get the result, a weak current is conducted through the body. Therefore, such a watch is not recommended for people with a pacemaker and pregnant women.

Competitive advantage Lifetrak – the interval of measuring the pulse. Usually, from heart rate transmitters on demand, you receive pulse data at a specific measuring second, which makes devices of this type, to put it mildly, meaningless.

Lifetrak also allows you to observe the dynamics of the pulse in the interval of about 30 seconds, while you hold the button, which allows you to see the trend and understand whether it tends up or down. And then, as recommended, just multiply the number by 2 and get the heart rate in a minute. Lifetrak performs its business with an accuracy comparable to the reference heart rate meters of the leading brands.

Separate dignity is autonomy. Lifetrak is powered by a CR2032 battery, which is enough for a year of use in normal mode without constant synchronization. And no regular recharging!

Lifetrak - 2

Lifetrak functions not only as a pulse sensor: it’s a clock, and a tracker of activity. The case itself is equipped with three buttons, which are responsible for setting up the gadget.

In the settings menu, the user enters by holding the top button. In total, there are three such menus: date and time, setting goals and profile (height, age, weight).

Switching of values ​​occurs by pressing the buttons “up / down”, and to save the result, you need to press the pulse measurement button.

The central place on the display is time. In the upper part – the goal reach bar, and the bottom space allows you to switch between the values ​​of distance traveled, steps and calories.

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How Lifetrak counts steps and calories

Lifetrak has its own calorie analysis algorithm, not related to activity, and also deliberately “belated” calculation of the steps.

The gadget rightly assumes that the user spends calories and at rest, so the value for this parameter is always predictive. In other words, even if you take the watch off and put it on the bedside table, the calorie consumption will still be taken into account according to the forecast.

Steps Lifetrak tries to analyze to avoid too obvious errors that arise when the user simply waving his hand, so the data is displayed with some delay. The clock stores statistics for 7 days.

Application for Lifetrak C400

The device works with iOS and Android-devices and synchronizes data in the proprietary application. To connect, you must select the model C200 / C300 in the proposed menu. Yes, a bit strange, but it works like this.

In order to save battery life, Lifetrak does not have a constant pairing, so each time it takes a while to hold the lower button, which activates Bluetooth and starts the synchronization process. Depending on how long before you did not synchronize the device, it might take longer, then less.

In the application menu, calibration of the device is also available, which can be done manually, and all the statistics fit into several small menus. Each of these can be deployed for more detailed information.

Appearance of watches

Made Lifetrak very reliably. Good plastic, high-quality silicone, durable display, protection against water. However, in water it is not recommended to press the buttons to avoid depressurization.

Through the entire length of the strap are holes, so it will fit on any hand, even a five-year old child.

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