Best Smart Watches for iPhone 7

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Best Smart Watches for iPhone 7

There are so many worthy competitors that it is rather difficult to find the perfect “smart watch”, but you can narrow down the search by focusing on the interests of iPhone owners.

Evaluation criteria

  • Delivery of notices. The less often a person has to pick up a smartphone, after he has put on a wrist gadget-satellite, the higher the efficiency of the latter. Simple and understandable.
  • Specialization in targeted information. Whether it’s a warning about an impending snowfall, an analysis of the fitness activity of the user for a week or a clue to the navigator about where to go. We all pursue different goals – wiser hours should be beneficial in accordance with the task.
  • Attractive look. If it is proposed to replace a conventional wristwatch with some advanced analog, it must appear a priori on the wrist not worse than the original version. And be able to instantly perform the basic function of all chronometers – tell the owner, who is now an hour.
  • Guarantees of a bright future. A vague formulation, meaning a combination of the efforts of the manufacturer and its partners to develop the platform, the evolution of the model range, the introduction of new solutions and the expansion of the range of applications.
  • All of the above. Journalists of the portal TheVerge considered that the superiority in one or several points is not enough to get the status of the optimal smart watches for the iPhone 7. The applicant for victory must necessarily meet the entire list of requirements.

Apple Watch

Best Smart Watches for iPhone

This watch “just works fine,” just like the iPhone itself. Both products are created by Apple, according to the standards of the brand, for careful integration into the eco-environment of iOS and active joint operation of two devices – could the result be negative? Yes, it is, since the Cupertino people are too carried away by expansion into the fashion accessories industry, invested unusually much labor in the design component of the gadget. The choice of straps, material and body color – plenty, decorate the wrist to make a guaranteed impression on the target audience, not a problem. But it’s a completely different matter to clearly argue that the model of Apple Watch Sport better promotes physical education, rather than the version of Edition.

As a separate, specialized platform, Apple Watch is fully consistent with the concept of “smart hours”. From the kaleidoscope widgets can ripple in the eyes, and the choice of the optimal list of applications turns into a difficult task. And if the gadget does not do as well as we would like, with a high probability in the next version of watchOS or a specific application, the problem will be fixed – the environment is flourishing and developing.

On the other hand, this means that the conditional $ 500 spent in less than a year will turn into an obsolete toy. In Cupertino do not favor those who think conservatively, but literally force consumers to follow a vigorous progress – for this obsession and other flaws, the total score was only 7 of the maximum 10 points.

Pebble Time

Pebble Time

The color display of the watch is made on the technology of “electronic paper”, which means not only demonstration of useful information under direct sunlight, but also the battery life of the gadget, measured in days. Perhaps this is even redundant, because the iPhone itself without recharging does not so often live to see the evening. This dissonance is not the only thing – the software Pebble Time is universal, but with gadgets running Android they are in harmony somewhat better than with Apple products. However, the range of applications, services and design dials can not be called scarce, on the contrary, it is for this model of smart hours that third-party developers have created a lot of diverse and useful software.

In comparison with the work of Siri on Apple Watch, most likely, the user will not be too pleased with the voice control of Pebble Time. There are other roughnesses associated with the lack of an equally authoritarian business policy, as is characteristic of the apple corporation. But all this becomes unimportant at a time when the look falls on the price tag – $ 150 much less than $ 350 for Apple Watch in the minimum configuration. Bracelets, fasteners, covers and other accessories for “smart watches” from Pebble are created not less, and updates of the model range occur more often than those of the iPhone manufacturer. As a gadget-satellite for him, the Pebble Time edition of TheVerge was rated at 6.8 points.

In the list of the best, last year’s model of Pebble Time Steel also got under way, with the exact same final rating, but it was significantly lower in the rating.

Moto 360, Huawei Watch и Activite Pop

Moto 360, Huawei Watch и Activite Pop

“Intelligent watches” produced by Motorola are designed for the Android Wear platform, but work fine in conjunction with iOS.

Not as great as Apple Watch, but it’s worth it to earn an overall score of at least 7 points. A confident middle peasant with a cost of $ 300 for a copy.

An alternative version of the “smart watch” offers gaining weight and influence the Chinese brand. The scope with which Huawei conducts its business, guarantees a stable and rapid development of a platform that is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Among the obvious, ostentatious merits of Huawei Watch – large dimensions and stylization for classic mechanical chronometers of gentlemen of the past. $ 349 and score of 6.8 points.

Activité Pop was created specifically with a view to “friendship” with the iPhone 7, but you can call this device “smart” only with great effort. Rather, a good watch with a fitness tracker function, which are not suitable for sending e-mail and games, but regularly measure the passed steps and sleep time.

Activité Pop

But do not bother with the settings and worry about financial costs – if you really want to get worn electronics, perfectly compatible with your favorite apple phone, Activité Pop for $ 149 is a worthy choice.

The Verge journalists gave him a score of 7 points.

A Radical Alternative – TAG Heuer Connected

The famous Swiss brand, previously with such disregard for talking about the project, Apple, changed its position and recently presented its version of “smart hours”. Something between a tribute to fashion and an attempt to catch up, squeeze into the niche of premium accessories for smartphones. Formally, being a mini-computer created with the active participation of Intel and Google, the TAG Heuer Connected model is essentially just a clock – its functionality basically simulates the capabilities of a typical chronometer.

TAG Heuer Connected

The highlight is that a potential buyer for his $ 1,500 gets a titanium case, a recognizable design and … an opportunity to save money from buying, after some time free of charge exchanging a gadget for a classic mechanical wristwatch from TAG Heuer.