Ergo released a children’s GPS watch

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Ergo released a children’s GPS watch

ERGO company is known for its desire to be noted in almost all genres of consumer electronics. Now the manufacturer decided to expand its range of watch-trackers, designed for children. As expected in this class, the clock is equipped with a GPS-receiver and telephone.

Parents can be calm for children if they are given a smart watch. Children like the clock for its brightness and at the same time seriousness. After all, it is both a telephone and a beacon, and a device for security.

The built-in tracker is based on GPS readings. By connecting the clock to your smartphone, parents will always be able to find out where and where the child is going. The application is available for iOS and Android, so its installation will not be a problem.

ERGO GPS Tracker A010 PDF User Manual

Since the clock has a microphone, speaker and a cellular module, the parent can always call them and talk with the child, just like an ordinary phone. True, it is worth considering that communication will take place in hands-free mode.

But the hidden call will be “quiet”. Calling the clock, the parent will be able to hear what is happening around the child. In this case, the owner of the clock will not know about this.

All models of ERGO children’s smart watches are equipped with an emergency call button. Clicking on it, the child sends a message to the specified phone numbers (there may be several of them: if one is busy or does not answer, the call is automatically forwarded to the next one).

ERGO GPS Tracker Kid`s K010 PDF User Manuals

ERGO GPS Tracker Kid`s K010

Of course, all these watches can also work for hours with an alarm clock. Developers perfectly understand what children are capable of, so they packed a delicate electronic stuffing in reliable enclosures with protection from water, dust, dirt and bumps. The capacity of the battery is impressive for hours – 400 mAh, which ensures a long work.

In order for the clock to work correctly, the MicroSim card installed in them must be activated beforehand and make sure that it has a positive balance, and Internet access is enabled. Account, of course, you need to periodically replenish.

The manufacturer provides a warranty for the watch for a period of 1 year.