Smart watch Amazfit with GPS

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Smart watch Amazfit with GPS

Xiaomi in cooperation with Huami presented their first and most long-awaited smart Amazfit.

They are made in the usual sports style, equipped with GPS, touch screen and have a protected case. It is stated that Xiaomi Amazfit is the world’s first smart clock with a 28-nanometer GPS chip. The device is protected against dust and water in accordance with IP67. The Amazfit watch has a ceramic bezel, scratch resistant, and a removable silicone strap with anti-fogging.

Novelty received a round screen size of 1.34 inches and a resolution of 320 * 300 pixels. Xiaomi Amazfit’s smarts run on a 1.2GHz processor in combination with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of user memory. On the back of the device is a sensor for continuous monitoring of the heartbeat.

The Chinese company announced that the Amazfit will be equipped with a battery capacity of 280 mAh, which can provide up to 5 days of active operation on a single charge. In the case of using GPS, the battery life is reduced to 35 hours, although if you only include a pedometer, the smart clock will last more than 11 days.

Amazfit handheld device is compatible with any device Android 4.4 and above, which supports the application Mi Fit.

Smart watch Amazfit with GP

Smart watch Amazfit with GP

More about the main features of Amazfit

The integrated heart rate sensor (photoplethysmograph) works on the basis of independent studies and algorithms developed in the company. This allows you to make training more effective.

The GPS tracker receives satellite signals to record the coordinates and movements of the user, measures the distance, speed and other data that help you analyze your activity and improve your sports skills.

A bright screen in any weather. The backlight of the screen is adjustable depending on the environment, so the image is always clear and saturated.

Music by Bluetooth. In the memory of the Amazfit smart watch, up to 500 songs can be placed. With such a stock of favorite music, every training becomes more fun.

Intelligent notifications show information from social networks, payments Alipay, weather forecast, calls, sms, etc.


  • The application supports English, however smart-hours can show Chinese.
  • A smart watch Amazfit  can only be connected to one smartphone. If you want to switch to another device, you must first turn off the previous one first.
  • The clock does not support the synchronous transfer of the number of steps to the application, but the steps can be followed after hours.


  • Processor, GHz: 1.2 (2 cores)
  • Memory, GB: 4
  • RAM, MB: 512
  • Battery, mAh: 280, lithium-ion (more than 11 days of operation in the normal hours mode)


  • Touch multi-touch
  • Size, inches: 1.34
  • Display Type: IPS LCD
  • Glass: Corning Gorilla
  • Resolution, points: 320 * 300


  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyro, compass, light sensor

Physical parameters

  • Round Case
  • Material: polycarbonate and ceramics Zirconia
  • Protection: IP67
  • Dimensions, mm: 46 x 46
  • Weight, g: 53.7

Other parameters

  • Pop-up notifications
  • Weather forecast
  • Support of AliPay payment system

Troubleshooting Smart Watches Issues

Smart watch do not turn on or off.

If this is an attempt to switch on first, take the original charger, charge the watch for at least 3 hours, and then turn it on.

If they were not used for a long time and not recharged, their battery could go into full-discharge protection (UVP). In this case, the battery needs to be activated before charging. This can be done in a telephone repair shop.

No connection to Bluetooth.
If the Bluetooth version on the phone is lower than on the clock, they can not be connected to each other.
If the Bluetooth versions are the same or the phone is higher, but the first connection failed, then you need to clear the connection history on the phone, enable the search and reconnect the smart hours.

The Bluetooth connection is established, but the application does not synchronize the data.
This is usually due to problems with Bluetooth on the phone. Try to close the application, turn off Bluetooth and reconnect the devices. If this does not work, restart your smartphone and try to connect again.

The clock periodically loses connection to the phone.
Verify that the phone or antivirus does not block the smart card application. It must be trusted. This is necessary for communication devices.

Can not connect through the application.
Make sure that the phone’s OS version is within the range supported by smart watches.


A decent set of features and a pretty design at a very affordable price, which is significantly lower than that of competitors. Moreover, Amazfit are full-fledged smart-hours, while for the same price other companies can offer only a modest fitness bracelet.