Test the sports bracelet Huawei Band 2 Pro – review

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Test the sports bracelet Huawei Band 2 Pro – review

Our preliminary verdict

Model Pro fitness tracker Huawei Band 2 seems to be one of the most clever wrist devices for its size. However, before recommending it, we suggest that you evaluate the characteristics and cost.

What we noticed:

  • Streamlined body;
  • A bunch of functions;
  • The price could be less;
  • The design does not stand out.

Company Huawei introduced a new sports bracelet Band 2 Pro, which is the successor to the tracker Honor Band Z1, released earlier limited edition. Unlike round watches, HB 2 Pro bracelet looks more like its competitors – Charge 2 or Alta HR from Fitbit.

A swiveling bracelet is equipped with a built-in GPS, has a touch screen for easy control on the go and has a style that will be acceptable in the office and in the gym.

Unlike the Pro version, the usual model of Huawei Band 2 is devoid of such chips as built-in GPS, monitoring of oxygen level in the blood, smart trainer and sleep control.

Nevertheless, both bracelets seem very competitive and fully justify their value.


When creating Band 2 Pro, Huawei basically did not try to come up with an innovative design. However, the new bracelet, of course, is slightly different in style from the previous generation.

Huawei abandoned the round screen in favor of a streamlined shape, which corresponds to the aesthetics of many other popular fitness bracelets, such as Charge 2 or Alta HR from Fitbit.

A soft silicone strap holds well to the wrist. The case of HB 2 Pro combines plastic and steel parts. And the front panel looks like a curved glass.

The 0.91 inch (23 mm) touchscreen PMOLED display with a resolution of 128×32 pixels displays information in portrait mode and in our opinion this solution is more successful when compared, for example, with the horizontal interface of the smart bracelet Microsoft Band 2. To switch between different functions You need to move the screen up or down.

The interface of HB 2 Pro itself is quite simple and it’s not bad at all. True, he sometimes did not respond to the touch, but we wrote off this for glitches of the test sample, which we got.

At the bottom of the case there is a pulse sensor and a physical button. We did not have time to test the GPS, but there is no reason to doubt its accuracy.

More on the features of Band 2 Pro

The waterproof case withstands water pressure up to 5 ATM, that is, an intelligent HB 2 Pro bracelet can be worn safely in the rain or even swim with it in the pool.

Huawei Band 2 Pro

The built-in GPS module allows you to measure without a smartphone what distance you have run, at what speed and along which route.

Huawei Band 2 Pro

Fitness tracker HUAWEI Band 2 Pro is literally a coach on the wrist. It provides not only accurate data on your workouts (pulse, speed, distance, etc.), but also contains a professional motion analysis algorithm that helps users apply a scientific approach to training.

Using the heart rate monitor, you can increase the effectiveness of training and strengthen your health.

Pulse Sensor

A professional run analysis algorithm will monitor your every move. It will allow you to improve running style, increase endurance, and the VO2 Max level will help optimize recovery.
Breathing exercises
Breathing exercises allows you to relax and feel unity with the world – spiritual and physical. Watch out for the soothing light of HB 2 Pro and soon you will feel how simple breathing exercises help you achieve more.


During the Band 2 Pro test, we found out several important details that I would like to tell you about. This sports bracelet works relatively quickly. A simple operating system, like in Huawei Fit, never hangs. We hope that it will remain as impeccable in the future as well.

The new Huawei wrist unit seems to be really strong, and in a duet with a waterproof case, the HB 2 Pro should ideally suit even the harshest athletes.

The only thing that bothers us is the battery life. Recall that the tiny Band 2 Pro is equipped with a GPS module and pulse sensor, which require a lot of energy, so it is unlikely that the bracelet will last long if you use both of these functions at the same time.

Huawei states that it takes 1.5 hours to charge their batteries for 100 mAh. In the “normal” mode of using one charge should be enough for 21 days. However, if you turn on the GPS, the fitness bracelet will sit in just 4 hours. Honestly, this is not so bad considering the miniature size of the HB 2 Pro, although we assume that for some it will be a serious drawback.


Fitness tracker Huawei Band 2 Pro clearly deserves your attention. It is impressive not only for its appearance, but also for a set of functions that look quite ambitious for devices of this form factor.