BIZZARO SmartWatches PDF User Manuals Hi! on this page you can download PDF user’s manuals for such smartwatches as BIZZARO CIW101BT, BIZZARO CIW501SM, BIZZARO CIW505SM. BIZZARO CIW101BT PDF User Manual BIZZARO CIW501SM PDF User Manual BIZZARO CIW505SM PDF User Manual Bizzaro smart watches are very comfortable on the hand thanks to a strap made of high-quality materials. This device… Read More »

Review of smart watch Finow X3 Plus

Review of smart watch Finow X3 Plus – Round screen and Android 5.1 Finow X3 Plus watches run Android 5.1, but they do not have a square, but a round display. I was wondering how the Chinese managed to adapt the clock interface to this type of screen (if they were at all puzzled by this question). What are… Read More »

Finow SmartWatch User Manual

Finow SmartWatch User Manual Hi! On this page, you can download PDF user manual for such smartwatches as Finow q5, q1, Q7, X5, Air X1, X3, x5, X3plus. Finow X1 SmartWatch User Manual Finow X1 Specifications Finow x3 SmartWatch User Manual Finow X3 Specifications Finow x5 SmartWatch User Manual Finow X5 smartwatch on Android 4.4 Finow X5 is a… Read More »

Casio PDF User Manual

Casio Smart Watch WSD-F20/F20S/F10 PDF User Manual CASIO MOMENT LINK Operation Guide Casio Pro Trek WSD-F10 (Android Wear1.x) User Manual Casio Pro Trek WSD-F10 User Manual Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 Quick Operation Guide Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 User Manual Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20S User Manual Smart watch CASIO WSD-F20 Presented at the International Exhibition of Consumer Electronics CES… Read More »

Belsis PDF User Manual

Belsis TS1201 PDF User Manual, Firmware and Instruction Description Like many other fitness trackers, the TS1201 model shows the time, registers the number of steps passed in a day, tracks the distance traveled, counts the calories consumed for this, and records the hours of sleep. For these important indicators, you can easily observe your sports training, and you… Read More »

Alcatel PDF Manual

Alcatel Smart Watch PDF User Manual Alcatel ONETOUCH GO WATCH SM03 PDF User Manual Alcatel ONETOUCH Watch SM02 PDF User Manual Alcatel Onetouch Go Watch PDF Manual At the event IFA 2015, Alcatel did not stand aside, having demonstrated a number of devices of its own production. The ruler includes a smart watch Go Watch, which are accompanied… Read More »

Best Smart Watches for iPhone 7

Best Smart Watches for iPhone 7 There are so many worthy competitors that it is rather difficult to find the perfect “smart watch”, but you can narrow down the search by focusing on the interests of iPhone owners.

The most common problems of Apple Watch

The most common problems of Apple Watch As with any technique, Apple Watch broken, beat and break down. All this, of course, rests on money, but over time, service centers have managed to reduce the cost of repairing the watch, so now Apple Watch is cheaper to repair than buy new ones (especially if you are unlucky to… Read More »

SmartWatches for iPhone reviews

SmartWatches for iPhone reviews In 2015, Apple introduced its first smart watch. Undoubtedly, many users took them positively. In the second generation (Series 2), GPS appeared, water resistance and autonomy were improved. Thanks to this, Apple has strengthened its position in the market of wrist devices. However, whatever OS you use (iOS, Android, or even Windows), you decided… Read More »

Apple Watch design schematic

Apple Watch design schematic Apple is usually reluctant to share technical details about its products, believing that we have a general enough impression of them, and delve into the subtleties at all to nothing. In the case of “smart clocks” in many ways, too, it happens so – we would not have learned much, if it had not… Read More »