Apple dropped to third place in the market of wearable wrist devices

In the second quarter of 2017, the world market of wearable wrist devices grew by 8%, according to the analytical company Canalys. Leaders for the supply were Xiaomi and Fitbit: the first released 3.5 million fitness trackers, and the second – 3.3 million devices, reducing shipments by 34% compared to a year ago. Apple, in the assortment of… Read More »

Xiaomi Smartwatch PDF User Manuals

PDF Manuals for Xiaomi Smartwatch Hi! On this page you can download PDF user’s manuals for smart watches of such brand as Xiaomi. Title File Size Download Link Xiaomi Amazfit User Manual.pdf 879.7kb Download Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Watch User Manual.pdf 571.8kb Download Xiaomi Mi 2 Band Full Instructions.pdf 962.9kb Download Xiaomi Mi Band 2 User Manual.pdf 925.6kb Download… Read More »

Choosing a smart watch: what to look for

Technical innovations surprise us almost every day. Some of them have a rather narrow application, while others – on the contrary get distribution. Not so long ago, in our market of electronic equipment appeared a smart watch and immediately interested the public. The idea of creating a smart watch is not new and originates in the 1970s. And… Read More »

Fitbit smart watches appeared on the press-renders

The following Fitbit smartwatches appeared on the press-renders Before the release of Pebble and Vector Watch, Fitbit bought two players in the smart watch market. And, although the following  Fitbit “smart” watches with the working title Project Higgs were supposed to appear in the second quarter, the company announced the transfer of their release for the fourth quarter. At… Read More »

Sequent SmartWatch does not need charging

The main drawback of the absolute majority of modern smart watches is the short battery life. On average, they work only 2-3 days without recharging, although there are models that can function for a week, a month or even a year. The Swiss company Sequent did seemingly impossible. She developed a smart watch that does not need replaceable… Read More »

Samsung SmartWatches PDF Manuals

  Samsung Smartwatches – PDF User Manuals for Title File Size Download Link Samsung Galaxy Gear First Gen SM-V700 PDF User Manual.pdf 1.4Mb Download Samsung Gear 2 (Bluetooth) PDF User Manual.pdf 271.5kb Download Samsung Gear 2 Neo (Bluetooth) PDF User Manual.pdf 273.1kb Download Samsung Gear Live (Bluetooth) PDF User Manual.pdf 271.9kb Download Samsung Gear S (AT&T) PDF User… Read More »

Asus SmartWatches PDF Manuals

  PDF manuals for Asus ZenWatch Title File Size Download Link ASUS ZenWatch 2 (WI501Q) PDF Manual.pdf 6.7Mb Download ASUS ZenWatch 2 (WI502Q) PDF Manual.pdf 6.7Mb Download ASUS ZenWatch 3 (WI503Q) PDF Manual.pdf 5.8Mb Download Asus ZenWatch 3 – New stylish and clever watch Taiwanese company Asus presented its new smartwatch – Asus ZenWatch 3, which differ from… Read More »